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 1    Why Re Assign Module ?
          There may be a chance that an OTA may enter inspection reports and leave the office without forwarding the IR. Once the OTA's account has de-assigned from the the Field Office, the entered inspection report is not visible to anyone. The Re Assign module helps the Field Officer to trace such inspection reports and allow him to move such reports to his own account.
 2    How can i do this?
          Re Assign provision is limited only to Field Officers. In order to move an inspection report from OTA's account to Field Officer's; follow the below steps.
-- Go to Re Assign Module.
-- Select location & Scheme Type.
-- Farmer ID/ name, Application ID etc are optional.
          Upon submit, all inspection reports under the selected location will listed just below. Clicking on "+ Add to My Account" link will move the inspection report to Field Officer's account.
 3    OK; Done it.. then ?
          Go to Inspection Reports page, select the category of the application, search using applicant unique ID. Once the IR is moved to Field Officer's account, it can be treated like any other inspection report.
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