1.  Organisation and Function



Details of disclosure


Particulars   of  its organization, functions and duties (Section 4(1) (b) (i)]

(i)  Name and address of the Organization


 (Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt.of India)

Sugandha Bhavan

P B No.2277, Palarivattom P.O.,

Kochi- 682 025, INDIA

(ii) Head of the organization

Shri Amardeep Singh Bhatia IAS


Shri D Sathiyan IFS


(iii) Vision, Mission and Key objectives

(iv) Function and duties

(v) Organization  Chart  -

Available in organogram in 1.1.(i) (in the Board's site www.indianspices.com )

(vi) Any  other  details-the  genesis,  inception,  formation  of the department and the HoDs from time to time as well as committees/ Commissions constituted from time to time have been dealt


Power  and  duties  of its   officers and employees

(i) Powers   and   duties of officers   (administrative,   financial and judicial)

(ii)  Power and duties of other employees

Powers and duties of employees other than those officers mentioned at 1.2 (i) are temporary and may change from time to time based on their inter-office transfers on public interest and rotational inter-section transfers periodically.

(iii)  Rules/ orders under which powers and duty are derived and Exercised

(iv) Work allocation

Work allocation for officers and employees other than for officers at 1.2.(i) above are temporary and may change from time to time based on 1.2.(iii-d) above.


Procedure  followed in   decision making      process
[Section  4(1)(b)(iii)]

(i)   Process of decision making Identify key decision making points

The Board is governed by the Rules and Regulations of the Government of India and is following the Fundamental Rules, Supplementary Rules, General Financial Rules, Revised Leave Rules 1972, Staff Car Rules etc.

The Board have also framed its own Rules and guidelines for the proper administration of the affairs of the Board. The decisions are taken based on the Rules and procedures in force.

(ii)   Final decision making authority

The Secretary/ Board /Government as the case may be.

(iii) Related provisions, acts, rules etc.

(iv) Time limit for taking a decisions, if any

As a general rule, no official shall keep a case pending with him/her for more than seven working days unless higher limits have been prescribed for specific types of cases through departmental instructions. If a case is remaining with an official for more than the stipulated time limit, an explanation for keeping it shall be recorded in the note portion by him/her.

(v) Channel of supervision   and accountability


Norms for discharge of functions 

[Section 4(1) (b) (iv)]

(i)    Nature of functions/ services offered

(ii)  Norms/ standards for functions/ service delivery

Norms/ standards for functions/ service delivery Same as 1.4 (i)

(iii) Process by which these services can be accessed

Process by which these services can be accessed Same as 1.4 (i)

(iv) Time-limit for achieving the targets

Time-limit for achieving the targets Same as 1.4 (i)

(v) Process of redress of grievances


Rules, regulations,

instructions    manual and  records for discharging functions

[Section 4(1)(b)(v)]

(i)  Title and nature of the record/ manual /instruction

Same as 1.3.(iii)

(ii)  List of Rules, regulation, instructions manuals and records.

Same as 1.3.(iii)

(iii)  Acts/ Rules manuals etc.

Same as 1.3.(iii)

(iv)  Transfer policy and Transfer orders


Categories               of documents  held by the authority  under its  control

[Section 4(1)(b) (vi)]

(i) Categories of documents

(ii) Custodian  of documents/categories

Custodian  of documents/categories Concerned departments/offices


Boards, Councils, Committees and other Bodies constituted as part of the Public Authority

{Section4(1) (b)(viii)]

(i) Name of Boards, Council, Committee etc.

    [Board Members]

(ii) Composition

same as 1.7.(1)

(iii) Dates from which constituted

(iv) Term/ Tenure

One year

(v) Powers and functions

(vi) Whether their r meetings are open to the public?

The meetings of the Board or its committees are not open to public. Minutes are prepared for the Board / Committee meetings.

(vii) Whether the minutes of the meetings are open to the public?

Yes ,The minutes of the Board Meetings are open to public.

(viii) Place where the minutes if open to the public are available?


Directory of officers and employees [Section           4(1)      (b) (ix)]

(i) Name and designation

(ii) Telephone , fax and email ID


Monthly Remuneration received by officers & employees, including  system  of compensation [Section 4(1) (b) (x)]

(i) List of employees with Gross monthly remuneration.

Gross monthly salary details

(ii) System of compensation as provided in its regulations

Same as 1.9(i) above



Name and designation of the public information officer (PIO),Assistant Public Information (s) & Appellate Authority

Address,  telephone  numbers  and  email  ID  of  each  designated Officials



No. of employees against whomDisciplinary action has been proposed / taken.( Section 4(2))

 (i)   No. of employees against whom disciplinary action has been :NIL

 (ii) Pending for Minor penalty or major penalty proceedings :NIL

 (iii) Finalized for Minor penalty or major penalty proceedings:NIL


Programs to advance understanding of RTI  (Section 26)

(i) Educational programs.

(ii) Efforts to encourage public authority to participate in these programs.

(iii) Training of CPIO/APIO

Trainings are imparted to CPIO/APIO and Public Information Officers from time to time.



Transfer  policy  and transfer orders [Fo.1/6/ 2011-R


same as 1.5(iv)

2. Budget and Programme

S. No


Details of disclosure


Budget allocated to each agency including all plans, proposed expenditure and reports and reports on disbursement made Etc.  

Section 4(1)(b)(xi)l


(i) Total Budget for the public authority

Given in Audit Report.

(ii) Budget for each agency and plan & programs

Given in Audit Report.

(iii) Proposed expenditures

Given in Audit Report.

(iv) Revised budget for each agency, if any

Given in Audit Report

(v) Report on disbursements  made and place where the related  reports are available



Foreign  and  domestic  tours

(F No.  1/8/2012- IR

dt.  11.9.2012)

(i) Budget

(ii) Foreign and domestic Tours by ministries and officials of the rank of Joint Secretary to the Government and above, as well as the heads of the Department.

A, Places visited

B, The period of visit

C, The number of members in the official delegation

D, Expenditure on the visit


(iii) Information related to procurements

a, Notice/tender  enquires, and corrigenda if any thereon

b, Details  of the bids awarded  comprising the names of the  suppliers of goods/ services being procured

c, The works contracts concluded - in any such combination

of the above-and

d, The rate   /rates   and   the   total   amount   at which

such procurement or works contract is to be executed



Manner of execution of subsidy program

.[Section 4(i)(b)(xii)]

Manner of processing and payment of subsidy


Discretionary and non-discretionary grants





Particulars of recipients of     concessions, permits of authorizations granted by the public authority

(Section 4(1) (b) (xiii)]

Issue of Permits


CAG & PAC paras (F No. 1/6/2011- IR  Date: 15.4.20131

There is no CAG para pending

3. Publicity Band Public interface

S. No.


Details of disclosure


Particulars for any arrangement for consultation with or representation    by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of policy or implementation there of

[Section 4(1)(b)(vii)]  [F No  1/6/2011-IR

  DATE: 15.04.2013]

There is no provision to seek consultation/ participation of public or its representatives for implementation of policies. It is not mandatory to do so.


Are the details of  policies / decisions  which affect public informed to them

[Section 4(1)  (c)]

same as 3.1



Dissemination   of information widely and in such form and manner which is  easily accessible to public

section 4(3)1

available in the website


Form of accessibility of information  manual/ handbook

(section 4(1)f b)

View Details


Whether information manual/handbook available free of cost

Or not (section 4(1)(b)1

The available manual / handbook are free of cost.

4. E Governance



Details of disclosure


Language      in   which Information

Manual/Handbook Available

(F.No.   1/6/2011-IR

Date: 15.4.2013)

Same as 3.4


When was the information

Manual /Handbook last updated?

(F   No.   1/6/2011-IR

DATE:  15.4.20131



Information  available  in electronic form.

[Section 4(l) (b) (xiv)]

 (i)  Details of information available in electronic form


Particulars of facilities available to citizen for obtaining information

[Section 4(1)(b)(xv)]

  (i) View Details


Such other information as may be  prescribed   under

section 4(i) (b) (xvii)

(i) Grievance redressal mechanism

The stakeholders can lodge their grievances through the Spices Board website
www.indianspices.com-->Lodge Complaint

(ii) Details of applications received under RTI and information

(iii) List of completed schemes/ projects/  Programs


(iv) List of schemes/ projects/  programs underway

Same as 2.3

(v) Details of all contracts  entered into including name of the contractor, amount of contract and period of completion of contract

(vi) Annual  Report

available in the website

(vii) Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

(viii) Any other information such as

       A, Citizen's Charter

       B, Result Framework Document (RFD)

available in the website ,requires updating

       C, Six monthly reports on the

       D, Performance against the benchmarks set in the Citizen's Charter


Receipt Disposal of RTI application appeals

File: 1/6/2011-IR    Date:15.04.2013

(i) Details of applications received and disposed

(ii) Details of appeals received and orders issued

Replies to questions asked in the parliament

 [Section 4(1)(d)(2)]

(i) Details of questions asked and replies given

5. Information as may be prescribed

S. No


Details of disclosure


Such other information as may be prescribed (F.No. 1/2/2016-IR  dt.17.8.2016,FNo.1/6/2011-IR dt.15.4.2013]

  1. Name & details of
    1. Current CPIOs & FAAs
    2. Earlier CPIO & FAAs from 1.1.2015

(ii) Details of third party audit of voluntary disclosure

  1. Dates of audit carried out
  2. Report of the audit carried out

(iii) Appointment of Nodal Officers not below the rank of Joint Secretary/ Additional HoD.

  1. Date of appointment
  2. Name & Designation of the officers

(iv) Consultancy  committee of key stake holders for advice on suo-motu disclosure

  1. Dates from which constituted
  2. Name & Designation of the officers

No such committee.

(v) Committee of PIOs/ FAAs with rich experience in RTI To identify frequently sought information under RTI

  1. Dates from which constituted
  2. Name & Designation of the Officers

No such committee.

6. Information Disclosed on own Initiative



Details of disclosure


Item / information  disclosed so that public have minimum resort to use of RTI Act to obtain information


Yes maximum information is available at http://indianspices.com/


Guidelines for India n Government Websites (GIGW) is followed (released in February, 2009 and included in the Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedures (CSMOP) by Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievance and Pensions, Govt. Of India

(i) Whether     STQC    certification     obtained validity

NO. Spices Board is in the process of enhancing all its web applications and websites . STQC certification will be obtained subsequently.

(ii) Does   the website   show the certificate Website?